Rachel and Ash






-When were you and Ash reunited and how long had your pet been missing for, before your reunion?
“Ash went missing on 24th August and was gone almost 5 nights returning on the bank holiday Monday.”

-What was the first thing that you did when Ash went missing? (e.g., post online, post leaflets)
“I printed 50 posters and attached them to lamp posts, electric boxes, local shops, called in at local vets and train station in my area.”

-How were you and Ash reunited? (e.g., was she found in a shed/garage, contacted by the vets)
“She came to the French doors to the back garden.”

-What was the first thing that you did when you were reunited with your pet? (e.g., cuddle, kisses)
“I gave her a big cuddle and a kiss and questioned where she’d been. :)”

-Did you receive any tips from anybody on how to help locate your missing pet? (e.g., placing pet’s favourite food outside, emptying vacuum contents)
“Firstly I was told to list on the ‘missing’ poster that she was on medication for a long term health issue/needed urgent medical attention – I was told that if someone had her that they might let her go if they read this.
I was told to contact all local vets and place her poster in certain shops/stores in and around the Cheadle area.
I was told by various to register Ash missing with all social media/Facebook in my local area, such as: LAiS*, Rescue Kitties, and charities such as Cats Protection, RSPCA and paying a 12 month subscription fee charged at £12 to, Pets Located, who advertise frequently to thousands of Twitter users on my behalf, this I also subscribed to.
I was told to leave strong smelling cat food in the garden, along with her bed on the washing line and her litter tray, which I did… Finally (thankfully she came back before we did this one!) I was told to throw my partner’s urine on and around the garden so she’d pick up on his scent.”

-Finally, do you have any advice for people whose pets are currently missing?
“Do all of the above, and more… Ash came home looking fluffy as though she had been brushed and not as you might expect for a house cat who’d been missing for 5 days.  She seemed very tired but strangely not at all hungry.  If it weren’t for my efforts and for the help and advice of all the above I don’t think I would have seen my Ash again.  It’s worth every effort to bring them home.”

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