Kieren and Casper

-When were you and Casper reunited and how long had your pet been missing for, before your reunion?
“On the 18th of October and was missing for three weeks and three days.  I came home from work to find out my cat Casper hadn’t been home all day and knew straight away something was wrong.”

-What was the first thing that you did when Casper went missing? (e.g., post online, post leaflets)
“I was walking around in my local area calling to him, knowing he’d come running if he heard me calling.  As I hadn’t found him, I knew I had to expand my search so I made posters and made a post, as well as contacting Lost Animals in Stockport.”

-How were you and Casper reunited? (e.g., was he/she found in a shed/garage, contacted by the vets)
“The reason my cat Casper was reunited with us, was because a man while at work, noticed my friendly cat may have been lost as he kept returning to this gentleman’s work.  He went looking at all the lost pet pages on Facebook and came across mine and commented that he thinks this cat was one of the same.  As soon as I saw this message, I was on edge as the man’s phone died in work and couldn’t respond.  When I woke the next morning, he’d replied and even sent me a picture of Casper and I knew then that my pet was still alive and well.  As he was in work, he didn’t keep a hold of the cat, but gave me his work address of where he keeps seeing him.  I went straight away with my brother, I got out of the car and started walking around and calling him and after 10 minutes of walking and shouting, I heard his cry come from behind me, to see my pet Casper running into the main road to come to me…”

-What was the first thing that you did when you were reunited with your pet? (e.g., cuddle, kisses)
“…So I did the same and then picked him up, giving him lots of hugs and kisses.”

-Finally, do you have any advice for people whose pets are currently missing?
“If your pet is missing or ever sadly does go missing, I say don’t give up and keep looking as there is always a chance you will find them again, as I was starting to ask myself if I’d see my pet again, and I did; sooner than I thought.  I just want to thank this amazing page and the man who took the time to look for my post, to help bring him home.”

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