This adorable Tabby kitten went missing during a storm on the evening of the 22nd of February and was found on the 24th of February; nearly 48 hours after she had gone missing.

The owner made sure to look around the area and try a few things in order to bring her back home, such as calling out for her in the streets, giving out “handwritten notes urging people to check gardens”, leaving her litter tray outside as well as items with her scent on.  LAiS* were also informed that the owner had “dragged a sweatshirt around the village pavements” all the while getting some funny looks (which is worth it if it means being reunited with a missing pet).

During a leaflet drop, someone had told the owner that they’d spotted the Tabby kitten in their garden, so the lady (owner) “called her name and she meowed and came running”.

The kitten was “very hungry but fine”.

What a relief! 🙂

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