This gorgeous cat named Patch went missing from Reddish on the 21st of January and was reunited on the 19th of February.

During one of our checks for any possible updates or reunions, we were told that “there was a potential positive sighting at Reddish Vale”, but sadly, it wasn’t Patch.

The owners ensured to post over 200 leaflets in hopes of being reunited with Patch.  Leafleting greatly helps in getting more people involved in the search of missing animals, which is always surely appreciated.

Following this update, just 3 days later, we received the wonderful news that Patch had returned home!  Patch was “hungry and wet” but we are sure she was relieved (and very happy) to be back with her family.

This reunion also gives hope to pet owners whose pets have been missing for a while.

Another happy ending! 🙂